Ho Hum and Racism In Cricket

Dean Jones a former Australian Cricketer was found calling South African test player Hashim Amla a “terrorist”. Aussies are known to be racist when it comes to sport. Prior to this Darren Lehmann was hurd using the black c word against a Sri Lankan player and was suspended.They have this attitude which pushes them 100% to achieve success for their nation, it’s admirable spirit but it often pushes them too far and they are good enemies in sporting terms of course.

I have a mixed feelings about Aussies. I have spend a considerable time in Melbourne and I have some of my very good friends there. It’s such a multicultural city that racism can never be a issue there, I mean the city’s mayor has his roots in Hong Kong and current Premier of Victoria state Mr. Steve Bracks has his in middle east. Aussies are quite different to cultures of Europe and America. They have traces of aggregarian society mixed with not the most flattering of straight forwardness. They are hard working people and hard on things. Yes people in more remoted areas are a bit alient to things that are different but in most fairness they never come to a point of discriminating not on a superficial level.

All said, they tend to look down upon other cultures, not with hatred or contempt but in their own merry way. This sadly doesn’t always make them politically correct. Same was the case with Dean Jones, he never intentionally said it but it’s more a part of the image related joke. So in essence everyone should be able to respect the cultural sensitivities. It’s about co-existing with others. In this Global era things are coming together, the boundries are shrinking and people are moving to and fro across the glove more than ever. Australians though pretty fair at heart need to change this, I find my self in minority in my community. Maybe I am more tolerant than I should be or maybe I try to understand things before be judgemental.


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